Monday, June 27, 2011

Potato couch

Stupid holidays and its relaxing days! I'm such a lazy ass now. Yes i admit. I'm a lazy ass!!!!
But hey, isn't that what holidays are about? being lazy? hmmmm.
takkan nak pemalas for 3 months? No.. cannot. i shouldn't, i wouldn't!

So, what to do for 3 months...

Sunday, June 26, 2011



Hi readers. :D.
Ok straight to the point.
Semalam 25 jun 2011, ade org ni call.. punye la pelik, asal manusia ni call ak time2 cmni? dh la time tu baruu je lelap mata.
whatthefish betul! Tp depan die kene cover, tak maraaahh. hahah :P
so konon2 nye die ckp nk tnye khabar la, rindu la. OO emm geee brooo. hahah. ak dari awal dah agak dah.
i was like, pe gile sentimental brader ni. taw la nak grad dah, tapi wa tktaw lu jiwang cmni broo. hahah.
ok2 whatever. so bile die call tu, ak dari awal sampai ke hujungnye mmg tk caya die call sebab "saje".
So at last dapat taw gak knape. rupenye call freee.
haiishh bro bro bro.
wa dah taw perangai lu la bro. wa dah kenal lu masuk 5 tahun bro! dari gua baby face, sampai sekarang! baby face + janggut taw! lama taw!!

Okay bro. lu dah habis gelak? wa tey baru taw! EYY!! potong beauty sleep ak betul.
ok silap line. wa bkn abg long dil.
Wa kerat lu 18 kali baru taw erti penyesalan!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Okay serious post


Yesssssss. Juicy stuff hahaha.
No lah, just relationships in general should be enough.
So what is a relationship?
SIOT!!!! ajan just farted in his sleep.

okay. dont know what to say about relationships.
awkward silence.
Change topic.


Ahaa! phones!
BB la! hahaha. okay, a phone is something everyone has. its a basic form of need at this time of age.
Dulu, i still remember when the 3310 was an awesome phone, brader2 yang dah highschool pegang 3310 dah bagai orang yang paling stylo aku pernah nampak. lu style bro!!
But now? pshhhh. budak darjah2 dah pakai phone canggih.

My current phone is a Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. I like to buy the phones that are good in terms of music playing. my previous phone was a Sony W810. 'W' stands for walkman. see what i mean?

Tapi itu semua zaman kanak2 bro. zaman remaja la orang kata. Now dah up sikit, everything around pun kena up sikit la kan? My shirt, size seluar (ooh nooo), kereta, size poket, size kasut, baju, skill futsal, behaviour, gadgets, needs, demands, food intake, food output..errkk. okay that's enough.

So, since we're talking about phones. What phone can i upgrade to?
haha. surprise surprise. :)

What is this.

What is this feeling??
Rasa macam nak update blog. But, no idea what to say.
So what it his feeling called?
Numbness of the brain? Menggedik? Brain delaying syndrome?

OKAY!! someone just called me a "chick magnet". HIK HIK HIK!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Why when i read back my post, i sound like chinese one? good thing only broken english.
if i talk manglish (mandarin+english) then that will be frikking weird meh.

what the..

why is this happening to me. I'm like the hulk, from normal to green. or from puurrrfect english to broken english.
how come mehh?

oo emm gggeeeeeeee



So sweepy maa. i wanna sweep but cannot. why cannot aa? cannot coz my eyes wont shut lorhh. no laah. ekcheli aa, my gf online with me lorh. so how can sleep when she online? i also not ready to sleep yet. but sleepy lah.

kalau macam ini pun kan, sampai esok pun boleh tak tido pun kan. adoi-eee. bile punyai-ee chat pun kan, tak boleh tido punye puun.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


A holiday period is the most over-rated period of all. Especially when you have nothing to do.
for example, during the semester. everyone is struggling to do their best at quizzes, exams, finish their assignments on time.. at these times are when everyone can't wait for the sem to end. and when the holiday comes we will ALL get bored. the longest period of holiday without getting bored is 2 weeks. longer than that will be boredom!!

Why? Because we are all used to the havoc, messy, stressful routine. everyday go to class, tengah hari tidur, then class some more. then petang football, futsal, badminton, gym, jogging pusing uia (but actually nk usha awek lain yg jogging).

But when on holiday all we do is wake up at 12, then dont know what to do.

There's only 1 way that can solve this.
Get a short holiday!

This means either your holiday is actually short, or you make it short!
How you ask? by doing something during holiday laaa. adoiyai. tu pun nak tanye ke? eyy kamu ni pun kan. aku pukul kamu baru taw pun kan. adoi! ( cara david teo cakap).

So fill ur holidays with shizznit to do boys and girls! work, gym, business, kemas rumah, belajar, charity work, sports, travel ANYTHING! As long as you're occupied.

Make the best of what you have, coz when you lose it. It's not yours to have.